TL866II ICSP enhanced adapter board SPI_DRIVER

SPI Driver, ICSP Enhanced Adapter for XGecu TL866II PLUS Minipro TL866A Programmer SPI flash In Circuit Programming Adapter

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Product Description


  • This adapter can be used to program the in-circuit SPI Flash chip.
  • That is, you can update the computer motherboard BIOS without removing the chip from the motherboard.
  • Many factors affect in-circuit ISP programming. One of the main problems is poor signal quality because many circuits were not originally designed for in-circuit programming.
  • Poor signal quality will cause in-circuit programming instability or failure.
  • This adapter is designed for signal enhancement during in-circuit programming.
  • There is a signal driver chip which can make the in-circuit programming signal stronger and make the programming more reliable.
  • It can greatly improve the success rate of in-circuit programming.
  • This adapter can work on TL866II plus programmer for in-circuit SPI Flash chip programming.

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