UNIVERSAL PROGRAMMER Orange 5 Plus (New V1.36) with Adapters

Orange5 v1.36 with full ECU adapters, OEM Orange 5 V1.35 programming tool, professional programming device, upgraded hardware

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Product Description


  • Orange 5 programmer is a professional programming device for memory and microcontrollers.
  • Unique feature of the current series programmers is the built-in macro language for writing protocols, which gives the fast and easy ability to add new types of micro-diagrams, precisely meet the requirements of manufacturers to read / write algorithms .
  • Software Version: V1.34, the software does not support update.
  • Language: English, Russian, Chinese.
  • Systems: XP WIN7 WIN8.


  • Support all COM ports including virtual ports 1 to 20.
  • Works with text (ASCII) and hex mode.
  • Create a list of orders that allows for quick editing and sending.
  • Fine-tuning the exchange rate.
  • Back up files, including command and port parameters.
  • Saving of incoming data in binary files.
  • transfer via serial port.
  • Delay parameters for bytes and blocks.
  • “Echo” mode Delay parameters between incoming data.
  • DTR, RTS channel management, DSR, CD, CD, RI viewing.
  • The program does not need to be installed.
  • Support Orange5 programmer in emulation mode.
  • Orange-5 Chip list v1.34 [November 2015] (contact me for more details).


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