SOCKET BGA24 to DIP8 (RT809H/F, TL866CS/A/II Plus, EZP2010/2013, Sofi

BGA24 to DIP8 adapters for RT809H, RT809F, TL866CS, TL866A, EZP2010, EZP2013, programmer + 2pcs, IC chip frame, 6 * 4mm + 5 * 5mm matrix

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Product Description


  • This adapter can be used on all universal programmers, such as SkyPro, TL866, TNM, SuperPro, etc.
  • Pitch: 1.0mm
  • Applicable IC dimensions (ref.): 8x6mm (6×4 bullet matrix)


Applicable IC package: BGA24

  • Can support BGA24 package SPI FLASH, for example, W25Q16 W25Q32 W25Q64 W25Q128 W25Q256 and so on.



  • High quality and more durable.
  • Well tested before shipping.
  • Easy to use


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