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  • The SOFI SP8 series is made up of professional programmers specially designed for programming FLASH / EEPROM / SPI serial memories, with built-in high-speed 32-bit processors and USB2.0 communication interfaces.
  • It supports high speed programming of almost all 24/25/93 / BR90 chip. Regarding the number of supporting serial memories and writing speed, it far exceeds most of the general special programmers and the like which cost more than 1000 RMB.
  • It has unique ISP online programming function and support more chips with continuous software update. With exquisite shells made through professional mold opening and advanced software / hardware design, the SP8 series surpasses other similar products in indoor and outdoor quality. Performance .
  • USB 2.0 communication interfaces (real USB interfaces and non-USB to serial ports or simulated USB ports)
  • Exquisite shells customized with opening molds (cannot be captured by public mussel shells in the market), small (size: 103x71x23mm), and easy to use and carry 
  • SP8 fully supports WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win10 and perfectly combines 32/64-bit systems 
  • Has built-in 32-bit high-speed processors, specially designed for serial memories, allowing fast and proper programming, as well as high speed highest programming in China. 
  • Support almost all 93/24/25 / BR90 memory and support more chips through software upgrade.
  • Unique ISP download ports and 10PIN color ISP download cable. Built-in patch chips (such as main BIOS with SPI interface) can be directly connected for programming.
  • Standard 40-pin locking beds with zero insertion force, applicable to wide / narrow chips and general adapters 
  • Supports contact detection for pins and improves programming reliability
  • Perfect protection against overcurrent and electrostatic discharge, and protection against accidental damage to programmers and computer USB ports 
  • With serial programming, it automatically detects the position of chips and starts programming
  • Supports mass asynchronous programming by connecting multiple programmers to one computer. Plug in and write. No synchronous waiting. Maximum speed and high efficiency
  • You can choose offline programming: The built-in 128Mbit data memories allow various types of field programming without connection to a computer, and the LED and buzzer present audible success or failure signals. 
  • It works easily and you can perform mass programming. 
  • Support low voltage (3.3V) and 5V chips 
  • Provides auto-detection for peripherals


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