Freescale BDM USBDM 8/16/32 bit 3in1 smart car driver Emulator

1. Support Full range HCS08, HCS12 whole series, Coldfire V1 full range, Can be downloaded online, single-step debugging, simulation, observe all registers and global variables values

2.BDM clock up 40M

3. Support FirmwareOnline Upgrade The output voltage of 5V

5. Provide independent programming software for batch programming

6. Support the development environment:

CodeWarrior V10.1-V10.5

CodeWarrior V5.0 V5.1 (16Bit microcontroller development environment

CodeWarrior V6.2 V6.3(8Bit microcontroller development environment

7. Environment: WINXP / WIN7 32/64 bit

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