5mw 650nm Red laser head cross curve industrial laser12mm Size

Cross laser module head, adjustable glass lens, 650nm 5mW, industrial diameter 12mm 5V

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Product Description

  • The principle of laser emission and the specifics of the production process determine that the laser has the characteristics that ordinary light does not have: three are good (good color, good consistency, good orientation) and high (high brightness).
  • The laser has good direction and high brightness, and can be widely used in different occasions. A series of laser tubes is convenient, intuitive, practical, easy to install, stable and reliable.


Product use:

  • Can be used for positioning of sight
  • Can be used in laser test instruments
  • Can be used for focus positioning
  • It can be used to make signal equipment

product parameters:

  • Output color: red
  • Output wavelength: 650nm visible light
  • Output type: dot, word, cross
  • Focal length mode: adjustable focus
  • Stimulus method: electrical excitation
  • Working medium: semiconductor
  • Operation method: continuous
  • Supply Voltage: 3.0V-5V
  • Current Consumption: Max 40mA
  • Output power: Max 5mW
  • Product size: 12.0x35mm
  • Wire length: about 135mm
  • Circuit drive: APC


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