• 6V to 24V Input Range (28V max)
  • Dual Quick-PWM Step-Down Controller with Low-Power LDO, RTC Regulator
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  • The MAX17020 is a dual Quick-PWM™ step-down power-supply (SMPS) controller with synchronous rectification, intended for main 5V/3.3V or I/O 1.5V/1.05V power generation in battery-powered systems. Low-side MOSFET sensing provides a simple low-cost, highly efficient current sense for valley current-limit protection. Combined with the output overvoltage and
    undervoltage protection features, this current limit ensures robust output supplies.
  • The 5V/3.3V or 1.5V/1.05V SMPS outputs can save power by operating in pulse-skipping mode or in ultra-sonic mode to avoid audible noise. Ultrasonic mode forces the controller to maintain switching frequencies greater than 20kHz at light loads.
  • Technical sheet:


  • Dual Quick-PWM
  • Internal 100mA 5V or Adjustable Linear Regulator
  • Independent LDO Bypass Input
  • Internal Boost Diodes
  • Secondary Feedback Input Maintains Charge Pump
  • 3.3V 5mA RTC Power (Always On)
  • OUT1: 5V or 1.5V Fixed or 0.7V Adjustable Feedback
  • OUT2: 3.3V or 1.05V Fixed or Dynamic Adjustable
  • Dynamic 0V to 2V REFIN2 Input on Second SMPS
  • 2V ±1% 50μA Reference
  • 6V to 24V Input Range (28V max)
  • Ultrasonic Mode
  • Independent SMPS and LDO Enable Controls
  • Independent SMPS Power-Good Outputs
  • Minimal Component Count


  • Notebook Computers
  • Main System Supply (5V and 3.3V Supplies)
  • I/O System Supply (1.5V and 1.05V Supplies)
  • Graphic Cards
  • DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 Power Supplies
  • Game Consoles
  • Low-Power I/O and Chipset Supplies
  • Two-to-Four Li+ Cell Battery-Powered Devices
  • PDAs and Mobile Communicators
  • Telecommunication


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