02N60 N-channel 2A 600V (TO-220) Mosfet

Transistor Mosfet à canal N 02N60 (TO-220) :

  • Type: N-channel mosfet
  • Model #: 2N60
  • Rated current: 2A.
  • Nominal voltage: 600 V.
  • Max power: 54W
  • Junction operating temperature range: -55 to 150C 0
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Product Description

The description :

  • The transistor is an electronic component with three active electrodes which is used in most electronic circuits, it allows to control a current or a voltage on the output electrode This is an N-channel mosfet transistor.

  • A field effect transistor (mosfet) is a single pole device built without a pn junction in the main current carrying path


It has 3 terminals, which are:

  • Transmitter.
  • Collector.
  • Based.





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