Cergrey WM686 100A Normal Open Heavy Duty Car Starter Relay for Control Battery ON/OFF RL/180 DC 12V, Starter Relay, Car Starter Relay

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Product Description


  • This product is a car start relay with wide application, used for small crane, wheat combine harvester, auto start power switch, auto preheat relay
  • Operating within 30 minutes at a time of 4.8W, 2.4W can work for a long time
  • The relay is normally open, and 4-pin relay type, and rated current is 100A, rated voltage is 12VDC
  • Adopts of copper terminal has good electrical conductivity, and great stable working performance
  • Convenient to replace the broken one, and modify the car


  • Contact form: normally open
  • Rated current: 100A
  • Rated voltage: 12VDC
  • Lead out: terminal
  • Pin number: 4
  • Size: 4.3*4.5*8cm/1.7*1.8*3.1in
  • Weight: Approx.92g/3.2oz
  • Wiring method: small pins: control voltage, large pins: load


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