LR7843 MOSFET control Module Field effect MODULE


LR7843 MOS MODULE MOSFET control Module Field effect MODULE

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  • LR7843 MOSFET Control Module Schematic The module includes a PC817 optoisolator which provides electrical isolation between the high powered MOSFET side and the logic signals used to control the module.
  • If something goes wrong and you burn up the MOSFET, it should not damage the MCU being used to control it.

Module features:

  • With the decoupled isolation, the control signal and the controlled equipment are isolated, which greatly increases the interference.
  • High level start, low level stop, PWM speed adjustment
  • It is widely used in the control of electric motors and stop, electromagnetic valve and other tributary devices
  • There are various specifications of MOS tube to provide selection, For example: FR120N: 100 v 9.4 A, LR7843:30 v 161 a, AOD4184:40 v 50 A.
  • The signal input side can solder the terminal or pin, and be compatible with the bread board
  • Output can be soldered terminal or direct welding line
  • The module size 23mm X 16mm has two 2mm diameter screw holes, and the hole spacing is 8mm


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