FR120N MOS MODULE MOSFET control Module Field effect MODULE

FR120N LR7843 AOD4184 MOS Tube Isolated MOSFET Field-Effect Transistor Module

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  • With optocoupler isolation, the control signal and the power of the controlled device are insulated, which greatly increases the interference stiffness
  • Compatible with MCU and Arduino control board, 3V or 5V signal
  • High start level, low stop level, PWM speed regulation
  • Widely used to control the starting and stopping of the engine, solenoid valve and other tributary equipment
  • There are a series of specifications of MOS tube to provide choices:

-FR120N: 100V 9.4A

-LR7843: 30V 161A

-AOD4184: 40V 50A 6.

  • The side can be welded to the signal input terminal or pin by itself, compatible chopping board 7.
  • Output can be soldered to the terminal or direct wire 8.
  • Module size 23mm X 16mm, there are two 2mm diameter screw holes, distance between the 8mm holes
  • Package Included: 1 x Mos Tube Module


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