IRepair RC10 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera PCB Fault Analyzer

IRepair – RC10 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera, PCB Fault Analyzer, Diagnostic Instrument, Phone Motherboard Repair, Thermal Imaging

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Product Description


  • IRepair RC10 by the normal / abnormal motherboard comparison mode analysis, quickly and accurately identify the problem chip, a new generation of maintenance equipment to help the phone to repair the technician in the motherboard overhaul to problems



  • Simple Limit Control.
  • Optimize the working process, improve work efficiency.
  • Quickly locate the small current leakage position of the capactro and lock the problem position Detection host, lifting bracket, detachable design, easy to assemble and carry.
  • The inspection host can replace the objective of the matt microscope, and it can be used as a matt microscope.
  • Quickly locate the position of the small capacitor current leak and lock the problem position.
  • The software can only identify the algorithm and can display the temperature value of each chip.
  • The software side quickly locks the problem chip by comparing and analyzing the normal / abnormal motherboard.
  • The software can save the photo data of each motherboard maintenance by taking photos and videos.


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