Coreless motor: 0615, Daimeter: 6mm, Length: 15mm, 1-3V, 1.5V 10000RPM 0.01A

Coreless motor 0615 1-3V, 1.5V 10000RPM 0.01A:

  • A coreless motor is a type of DC motor, which has a specially wound armature instead of an armature wound on an iron core.
  • The latter is characterized by low noise, low resistance, high speed and efficiency, lightweight, and easy to install.
  • Despite its small size, this coreless engine is very powerful. rated voltage: 1V to 3V current: 0.01 A
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Product Description


  • model: 0615 coreless motor.
  • shank diameter: 0.8mm.
  • motor diameter: 6 mm.
  • motor length: 15mm.
  • rated voltage: 1V to 3V.
  • current: 0.01A.
  • speed: 10000 RPM.
  • Silver color.
  • Material: plastic and metal.


Application :

  • Healthcare industry: They can be used to power dialysis pumps, CPAP machines, surgical tools and ambulatory infusion pumps.
  • Robotics: Engineers install them in positioning systems and small wheel systems in robot projects.
  • Automation and Actuators: These motors can be used in precise automation systems and high precision actuators.
  • Laboratories: Engineers can use it to drive small but efficient equipment such as pumps, stirrers, and centrifuges.
  • Office equipment: Due to their small size, efficient motors can be installed in printers, card readers and other office equipment, without the need to enlarge the products.
  • Audio/Visual Equipment: Pan and tilt controls for cameras and audio decks can be fitted with efficient motors that operate quietly.


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