70CM 4Pin F/F DuPont Jumper Cable For 3D Printer

 70cm Dupont Line Jumper Cable Wires Female To Female 4Pin Dupont For Arduino Breadboard 3D

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  • These 70cm 4-Pin F/F DuPont Cables are some of the most common cables used in 3D Printing , prototyping and rapid design, and they are designed to connect 4-pin components like the Ramps 1.4 to mainboards like  ARduino Boards or custom PCBs via female headers. They are colour-coded to reduce any confusion when plugging the cables in, and have a standard wire gauge of 26AWG.
  • These cables have female headers on both sides and are cut to lengths of 70cm, which is long enough to reach from one side of a typical machine to the other, but can also be rolled up and tucked away neatly to protect it from damage and get it out of the way. These cables can also be extended with other Jumper Wires and Connectors, or can be converted into Female/Male wires by plugging one side into a Male/Male wire – making them ideal for Prototyping and rapid design.


  • Connector Types: Female (Both Ends)
  • Number of Pins : 4
  • Wire Gauge: 26 AWG
  • Cable Length: 70cm


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