WPC8769LA0DG Mobile Embedded Controller with SPI Flash Interface and MCE-Compliant CIR Port:

—3.3V supply operation
—5V tolerance and back-drive protection on all pins (except crystal oscillator, A/D, D/A, LPC bus, and SPI flash pins)
—Separate supply for host I/F (VDD) and EC functions(VCC)
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Product Description

  • The Winbond WPC8768L and WPC8769L are highly integrated embedded controllers (EC) with an embedded RISC core and integrated advanced functions.
  • They are targeted for a wide range of portable applications.
  • The WPC8768L/WPC8769L incorporate the CompactRISC CR16CPlus core (a high-performance 16-bit RISC processor), on-chip ROM and RAM memories, system support functions and a Flash Interface Un it (FIU) that interfaces directly with external SPI flash memory devices.
  • Technical sheet: https://pdf1.alldatasheet.fr/datasheet-pdf/view/208815/WINBOND/WPC8769L.html


■Shared BIOS flash memory
■Support for SPI flash memories
■Flash page programing support
■MCE-compliant Consumer Infrared (CIR) Port
■Fast Infrared Port (FIR, IrDA 1.1 compliant) (WPC8768L only)
■High-accuracy, high-speed ADC
■Up to 88 GPIO ports (including keyboard scanning) with a variety of wake-up events
■16-bit RISC core, with up to 4 Mbytes of external address space, running at up to 25 MHz
■128-pin LQFP package
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