TH-600554 6 LED Illuminated Pocket 7*Magnifier

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  • Kromatech TH-600554 7x handheld magnifier, 50mm with reliable optical instrument in faceted sunglasses with unusual design.
  • It is suitable for studying price and reading fine print documents.
  • The device useful collectors, hams, masters repair times and other mechanisms.
  • The round lens is made of optical plastic and placed in a frame in the form of a polyhedron. Objective diameter 50mm magnification-7x. On the handle button, check six LEDs.
  • This is a pair of AAA batteries (sold separately).
  • The backlight brightness can be adjusted: 100% or 50%.


  • Lens diameter: 50mm
  • Magnification times: 7
  • Optical material: Plastic
  •  Case: Plastic
  • Light: LED backlighting 
  • Power supply: 2 AAA
  • Optional: 6 led

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