MG81001-B (2 LED + BATTERY 2AAA)

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Product Description


  • Magnifier with multi-power headset.
  • Press the switch to turn on / off.
  • Multi-use in a wide range. For professional or ammeter workers, such as precision processing, mold making, shooting, inspecting, stamping, checking diamonds, etc.
  • Instruction: It can be used quite easily under the following
  • conditions:

-Use or read in dark or dark place.

-Battery: AAAUM-4.

-Assemble or repair small fittings.

  • Check the finished product Attentions:

-Do not place this product near fire source or at high temperature.

-Sometimes the lens or frame can warp or deteriorate due to heat.

-Do not drop or bend the magnifying glass, or shock it with extreme force.

-It is very dangerous to cut the lens.

-Lightly clean the lens with the soft cloth moistened with alcohol or neutral detergents.


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