TDA3681 Multiple voltage regulator with switch and ignition buffer:

  • Supply voltage range from −18 to +50 V
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Product Description

  • The TDA3681 is a multiple output voltage regulator with a power switch and an ignition buffer. It is intended for use in car radios with or without a microcontroller.
  • The TDA3681contains the following:
•Four fixed voltage regulators with a foldback current protection (regulators 1, 2, 3 and 4). Regulator 2, which is intended to supply a microcontroller, also operates during load dump and thermal shutdown
•Regulators 3 and 4 have a second supply pin that can be connected to a lower supply voltage (>6.5 V) to reduce the power dissipation
•A power switch with protection, operated by a control input
•Reset and hold outputs that can be used to interface with the microcontroller; the reset signal can be used to call up the microcontroller
•Both supply pins can withstand load dump pulses and negative supply voltages
•Regulator 2, which is in regulation at a backup voltage above 6.5 V
•A provision for the use of a reserve supply capacitor that will hold enough energy for regulator 2 (5 V continuous) to allow a microcontroller to prepare for loss of voltage
•An ignition input Schmitt trigger with push-pull output stage.
•Extremely low noise behaviour and good stability with very small output capacitors
•Second supply pin for regulators 3 and 4 to reduce power dissipation (e.g. via a DC-to-DC converter)
•Three VP -state controlled regulators (regulators 1, 3 and 4) and a power switch
•Regulator 2, reset and ignition buffer operational during load dump and thermal shutdown
•Combined control pin for switching regulators 1 and 3
•Separate control pins for switching regulator 4 and the power switch
•Supply voltage range from −18 to +50 V


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