Pure sine wave inverter driver board EGS002 “EG8010+IR2110”

GS002 “EG8010+IR2110” Sine Wave Inverter Module Generator Controller Control Board Arduino Compatible

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  • EG8010 a digital function, very good to bring your own chip generator dead time control Pure sine wave inverter, used in two-stage DC-DC-AC power conversion structure or power frequency transformer Single-stage DC-AC Boost architecture, an external 12MHz crystal oscillator, to achieve high precision and harmonic distortion a very small 50Hz or 60Hz pure sine wave ASIC inverter.
  • The chip uses CMOS technology, l internal integration of SPWM sine wave generator, dead time control circuit, multiplier factor field, soft start circuit, protection circuit, RS232 serial communication interface and serial LCD driver module 1602 functions .


  • 5V single power supply
  • 4 pin set of pure sine wave output frequency:
  • Wave 50Hz pure sine wave 60Hz fixed frequency pure sine wave fixed
  • frequency 0-100Hz pure sine frequency adjustable 0-400Hz pure sine frequency adjustable
  • Unipolar and bipolar modulation
  • Comes with dead band control, pin 4 dead time:
  • 300nS dead time 500nS dead time 1.0uS dead time 1.5uS dead time
  • 12 MHz external crystal oscillator
  • 23.4KHz PWM carrier frequency
  • Voltage, real-time temperature feedback
  • Protection against overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and overheating
  • Soft start pin that sets the response time of 1S
  • Serial communication to set the output voltage, frequency and other parameters
  • Serial LCD Module 1602 Serial the inverter
  • voltage, frequency, temperature and current information


  • Pure Single Phase Sine Wave
  • Inverter PV
  • Inverter Wind Power Inverter Uninterruptible
  • UPS
  • System Digital Generator System
  • IF Power Supply Single Phase
  • Motor Controller Single
  • Phase Inverter Sine Wave Inverter
  • Sine Wave
  • Regulator Sine Wave


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