30mm x 20m x 0.15mm Temperature Resistant Adhesive Tape Aluminum Protective Strip

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Product Description


  • Aluminum tape is widely used in connection with smoke sealing adhesive products, are all waterproof insulation materials than other brands extremely superior characteristics compared to the majority of users and enterprises to become the first choice, the product can be used not only in the sealing of ducts, and can be pasted on the plastic pots, Or enamel pots and other cracks to, afraid of Shuitang and the plastic tape will be afraid of the heat, the hot water comes from the skin once; another very special purpose to tell you who is protected from interference effects, wrap computer class data line (hard line, soft cable), Chassis wall… , radiation , etc., so we can often see a radiation machine away from the wall will be tape for fun! So the use of aluminum tape has been deeply our life! The brand aluminum tape with high adhesion of moderate thickness, and not to some aluminum tape by hot glue and aluminum foil after separation.


  • Type: Electric
  • Name: ELECALL
  • Customized: Yes
  • DIY Supplies: Electric



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