• The AP2805 is available in standard packages of SOIC-8 and MSOP-8.
  • VIN=5.0V
  • CIN=2.2μF
  • COUT=1.0μF
  • Typical TA=25°C
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Product Description


  • The AP2805 is an integrated high-side power switch that consists of N-Channel MOSFET, charge pump, over current & temperature and other related protection
    circuits. The switch’s low RDS (ON), 60mΩ, design easily to meet USB voltage drop requirements. It includes soft-start to limit inrush current, over-current protection, load short protection with fold-back, and thermal shutdown to avoid switch failure during hot plug-in. Under voltage lockout (UVLO) function is used to ensure the device remain off unless there is a valid input voltage present. A Flag output is available to indicate fault conditions to the local USB controller.
•Low MOSFET on Resistance: 60mΩ@VIN=5.0V
•Compliant to USB Specifications
•Operating Voltage Range: 2.7V to 5.5V
•Low Supply Current: 60μA (Typ.)
•Low Shutdown Current: 1.0μA (Max)
•Guarantee 0.5A Continuous Load
•Current Limit: 0.7A (Min), 1.4A (Max)
•Under-voltage Lockout
•Logic Level Enable Pin: Available in Active-high or Active-low Version
•Over-current Protection
•Over Temperature Protection
•Load Short Protection with Fold-back
•No Reverse Current When Power Off
•Deglitched Flag Output with Open Drain
•With Output Shutdown Pull-low Resistor for A/C Versions
•UL Approved (File No. E339337)
•USB Power Management
•USB Bus/Self Powered Hubs
•Hot-plug Power Supplies
•Battery-charger Circuits
•Notebooks, Motherboard PCs
Electrical Characteristics:
  • VIN=5.0V
  • CIN=2.2μF
  • COUT=1.0μF
  • Typical TA=25°C
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