P 501B-8P DIP8

P 501B-8P DIP8:

  • The AP501 uses a high reliability InGaP/GaAs HBT process technology and does not require any external matching components.
  • The module operates off a +12V supply and does not requiring any negative biasing voltages; an internal active bias allows the amplifier to maintain high linearity over temperature.
  • T= 25 ºC
  • Vcc=12V
  • Vpd=5V
  • Icq=820mA
  • R7=0Ω, 50Ω
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Product Description


  • The AP501 is a high dynamic range power amplifier in a RoHS-compliant flange-mount package.
  • The multi-stage amplifier module has 32.5 dB gain, while being able to achieve high performance for PCS-band applications with +36 dBm of compressed 1dB power.
  • The module has been
    internally optimized for driver applications provide -62 dBc ACPR at 27 dBm for IS-95A applications or -55 dBc ACLR at 26.5 for wCDMA applications.
  • The module can be biased down for current when higher efficiency is required.
Product Features:
•1930 – 1990 MHz
•32.5 dB Gain
•+36 dBm P1dB
•-62 dBc ACPR @ 27 dBm IS-95A linear power
•-55 dBc ACLR @ 26.5 dBm wCDMA linear power
•+12 V Single Supply
•Power Down Mode
•Bias Current Adjustable
•Final stage amplifiers for repeaters
•Optimized for driver amplifier PA mobile infrastructure
  • T= 25 ºC
  • Vcc=12V
  • Vpd=5V
  • Icq=820mA
  • R7=0Ω, 50Ω


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