NCP1271A (PGVO) (SOIC-7)

NCP1271A (PGVO) (SOIC-7):

  • Vmax= −0.3 to +20V
  • Imax= 100 mA
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Product Description


  • The NCP1271 represents a new, pin to pin compatible, generation of the successful 7−pin current mode NCP12XX product series.
  • The controller allows for excellent stand by power consumption by use of its adjustable Soft−Skip mode and integrated high voltage startup FET.
  • This proprietary Soft−Skip also dramatically reduces the risk of acoustic noise.
  • This allows the use of inexpensive transformers and capacitors in the clamping network. Internal frequency jittering, ramp compensation, timer−based fault detection and a latch input make this controller an excellent candidate for converters where ruggedness and component cost are the key constraints.
  • Tecnical sheet:
•Fixed Frequency Current Mode Operation with Ramp Compensation and Skip Cycle in Standby Condition
•Timer Based Fault Protection for Improved Overload Detection
•“Soft Skip Mode” Technique for Optimal Noise Control in Standby
•Internal High Voltage Startup Current Source for Lossless Startup
•”5% Current Limit Accuracy over the Full Temperature Range
•Adjustable Skip Level
•Internal Latch for Easy Implementation of Overvoltage and Overtemperature Protection
•Frequency Jittering for Softened EMI Signature
•+500 mA/ 800 mA Peak Current Drive Capability
•Sub 100 mW Standby Power can be Achieved
•Pin to Pin Compatible with the Existing NCP120X Series
•This is a Pb Free Device Typical
•AC DC Adapters for Notebooks, LCD Monitors
•Offline Battery Chargers
•Consumer Electronic Appliances STB, DVD, DVDR


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