LDR Photosensitive Resistance 5549

LDR Photoelectric Light Resistance | Photoelectric Light Resistance 5549 GL5549

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  • Light-dependent resistors or photoresistors are a staple of electronics.
  • If you need a way to sense the level of ambient light then there is no easier way to do it.
  • As the light on the sensor increases then the resistance across the two leads decreases.



  • Product Name:Photoresistor
  • Materials:Metal, Electric Parts
  • Weight:2g
  • LDR Head Dia:5mm
  • Maximum Voltage: 150 Volt DC
  • Maximum Wattage: 100mW
  • Operating Temperature: -30 ~ +70 deg C
  • Spectral Peak: 540nm
  • Model:5549
  • Light Resistance (10 Lux): 5-10 Kohm
  • Dark Resistance: 0.5 Mohm


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