2.2 inch bending sensor,an Ultra- Thin, Flexible Printed Circuit

The resistance of the flex sensor changes when the metal pads are on the outside of the bend (text on inside of bend).

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Product Description


  •  The degree of bending of the sensor can be converted into a change in resistance value. The larger the bending, the higher the resistance.
  • This sensor can be used to make energy gloves.
  • Note: Bending direction: The side with the word is the inner side when bent. Avoid bending the end pin portion (ie, the non-bending sensing portion) during use, otherwise it is likely to cause damage.

Technical specifications:

  • Straight resistance: 25K ohms
  • Resistance tolerance: ±30%
  • Bending resistance change: 60KNI 10K ohm
  • Rated power: 0.5 watt
  • Peak power: 1 watt
  • Bending life: >1 million times
  • Working temperature: -35C +80C
  • Length x width: 73.66×6.35mm
  • Interface type: 2-Pin metal pin (pitch 0.1″)

Package included:

  • 1 x 2.2 Inch Bend Flex Sensor
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