4S 16.8V lithium battery power display module

4S 16.8V Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator Module LCD Display Electric Vehicle Battery Power Tester Li-ion

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Product Description

Battery Description:

  • 4V lead acid voltage range:
  • Battery voltage>3.3V, bright 1 grid
  • Battery voltage>3.5V, bright 2 grid
  • Battery voltage>3.7V, bright 3 grid
  • Battery voltage>3.9V, bright 4 grid
  • 6V lead-acid voltage: (you can use 2 strings of lithium iron phosphate battery)
  • Battery voltage>5.6V, bright 1 grid
  • Battery voltage>5.9V, bright 2 grid
  • Battery voltage>6.2V, bright 3 grid
  • Battery voltage>6.6V, bright 4 grid
  • 12V lead acid voltage range: (4 series of lithium iron phosphate batteries can be used)
  • Battery voltage>11.0V, bright 1 grid
  • Battery voltage>11.8V, bright 2 grid
  • Battery voltage>12.3V, bright 3 grid
  • Battery voltage>13.1V, bright 4 grid
  • 24V lead-acid voltage range: (8-series lithium iron phosphate battery can be used)
  • Battery voltage>22.3V, bright 1 grid
  • Battery voltage>23.5V, bright 2 grid
  • Battery voltage>24.7V,bright 3 grid
  • Battery voltage>26.3V, bright 4 grid


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