1 5v/12V/24V Low Current Dc Control Ac Solid State Relay Module

1 Channel Solid State Relay Module, Solid State Relay Board, Low Level Trigger, SSR Input 5V/12V/24V DC Output.

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Product Description


  • 5V/12V/24V Solid State Relay , with Fuse Solid State Relay
  • Size: 25 * 34 * 25 (L * W * H) Net Weight: 13g
  • Input power: 5V/12V/24V DC (160MA)
  • The input control signal voltage: (0-1.5V state low level relay ON) (2.5-5V state high level relay OFF)

Module Interface

Input section:

  • DC +: Connect the power supply positive (according to the relay voltage)
  • DC-: Connect the power supply negative
  • CH: relay module signal trigger terminal (low level trigger active)

High and low meaning:

  • High-level trigger refers to the signal trigger side (IN) and the power supply there is a positive voltage between the positive, usually with the power of the positive and trigger connected to a trigger mode, when the trigger side has a positive voltage or trigger Voltage, the relay is pulled.
  • Low-level trigger refers to the signal trigger terminal and the power supply negative voltage between the OV, or the trigger side of the voltage than the power supply voltage is lower, low to trigger the voltage, so that the relay pull, usually The negative side of the power supply is connected to the trigger terminal and is triggered by the relay.


  • Voltage Version: 5V/12V/24V
  • Quiescent Current: 0mA
  • Operating Current : 12.5mA
  • Trigger Voltage:0-1.5V
  • Trigger Current: 2mA


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