V5 Xbee Sensor Shield RS485 Bluetooth SD Card Module

Arduino Xbee V5.0 Shield is evolving, this latest V5 IO expansion shield is now supporting Xbee.

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Product Description

Feature :

1. Expand 14 digital IO interface (12 steering gear interface)and power;

2. Six analog IO interfaces and power;

3. One digital port interface for external power supply terminals;

4. Digital port external power supply and on-board electrical automatic switch;

5. One external power input terminals and one input needle;

6. RS485 interface (D0-RX, D1-TX, D2-EN);

7. Reset button;

8. Xbee wireless digital interface;

9. APC220 wireless digital interface;

10. IIC/the I2C/TWI interface (A4-SDA, A5-SCL);

11.3.3 V output port;

12. SD card module interface;

Interface Description :

Support Module Series :

1)  Support RS485
2)  Support Xbee (Xbee pro)
3)  Support Bluetooth
4)  Support APC220
5)  Support SD card read/write

Compatibility :

1)  Arduino UNO
2)  Arduino Duemilanov
3)  Arduino Mega 1280/2560




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