The basic learning kit for Raspberry PI

The basic learning kit for raspberry PI

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  • This is an basic learning kit for Raspberry Pi. It doesn’t contain development board of Raspberry Pi. If you have such a board on hand, you can use it to create some interesting interactive projects. Well offer you learning materials by which you can learn basic knowledge on operation and application of Raspberry Pi.
  • Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized single-board computer, from which we can learn relevant knowledge about linux operating system as well as C and python language based on Raspberry Pi debian (based on linux)system, not to mention sensor/module application on Raspberry Pi. Arduino and Raspberry Pi are best match for each other. You can create more individualized DIY work through strong community support of Arduino and rich third-party resource pool, plus, by integrating with the strong functional support of Raspberry, you can get relentless ideas and inspiration

Kit List:

Kit List Qty
Resistance package
(1K 5pcs+10K 5pcs + 220R 8pcs )
The LED package ( red light 5pcs + yellow light 5pcs +blue light 5pcs ) 1
Raspberry PI GPIO extension plate V1 1
50K adjustable potentiometer 1
9g servo 1
1 * 40 row needles 1
PCF8591 AD/DA conversion module 1
The one digital tube 1
The four digital tube 1
74H595 IC 1
1602 LED 1
MAX7219 lattice modules 1
Black remote control 1
Yellow keys 1
830 hole quality bread board 1
The bread line 30PCS 1
GPIO 40 p rainbow row line 1
Male to female dupont line 20pcs 1


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