Komerci ZD-20G Fine Soldering Iron 8 W Wireless with Soldering Iron Shelf as Charging Station Battery Metal Sponge Blue 380 °C:

  • 8W soldering iron up to 380°C
  • The charging station is powered by 5V DC
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Product Description


  • ZD-20G Wireless Fine Soldering Iron with Shelf as Charging Station 
  • Not Suitable for Coarse Work
  • 8W soldering iron up to 380°C with battery and charging station in the soldering iron tray, with metal sponge.
  • The charging station is powered by 5V DC. For this purpose, it can be connected to any USB power source using the included USB cable. A USB power supply is not included.
  • Wireless rechargeable soldering iron
  • soldering iron rest with built-in charging station
  • Metal sponge for cleaning the soldering tip Removable USB charging cable 


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