Single-Side PCB 7x9cm Universal Prototype Board 2.54mm Hole pitch

Universal PCB Board 7x9cm 2.54mm Hole Pitch DIY Prototype Paper Printed Circuit Board Panel Single Sided Board

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Premium one side prototype PCB printed circuit board, universal strip breadboard.
All holes are plated through, smooth and clear.
Sturdy and easy to use, the plated holes are very solid which makes it very easy to solder components on and they can hold up well and handle reasonable heat levels and dwell times.
A good assortment of quality prototyping boards, various sizes allow you to have the right sized board for any project.
Flexible using, you also can cut these boards into any shape any size when you need.
Widely used for various electronic and soldering projects, including simple power supplies, stuff and many electronic design contests, ideal circuit board for electronic DIY lovers.


Material: ABS, bakelite
Design: Single-sided copper
Hole Pitch: 0.1″ (2.54mm)
Thickness: 1.5mm
Hole Dia.(each): 1mm


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