SHF8 8mm Linear Bearing Shaft Support

Support d’arbre de roulement linéaire SHF8 8mm,  support de rail linéaire en aluminium, pièces de routeur CNC Table Route CNC pour imprimante 3D

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Product Description


  • Linear bearing is widely used in electronic equipment, tensile testing machines and digital 3d coordinate measuring equipment such as precision equipment and multi-axis machine tools, automatic punching machines, grinding machines.
  • Tools, gas cutting machine, printer, card sorting machine, industrial machinery, such as food packaging installed the sliding parts.


Features of Linear Bearing:

  • Linear bearing LM, LME, LMB, LMF, LMK, LMH, KH, “LM” stands for metric standard type “LME” stands for Standard Type Inch “UU” means rubber seals on both sides of long type bearing “OP” stands for open type “AJ” means adjustment type * LM…UU: LM…(cylinder), LM…OP (open type), LM…AJ (adjustable wind-up) * LME…UU: LME…(cylinder)
  • LME…OP (open type)
  • LME…AJ (adjustable clearance)
  • LM…UU & LME…LUU: Long type
  • KH: high precision mini bearing
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