2.7 ohm resistance:

  • A resistor is an electronic component whose main characteristic is to oppose a greater or lesser resistance (measured in ohms) to the flow of electric current.
  • Resistance / Capacitance (ohms): 2.7 ohm
  • Rated power: 0.25 watt

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Product Description


  • High quality carbon film resistors with an easy to solder lead wire.


Characteristics :

  • applications: TV, audio & video devices, telephone receivers and communication systems, household appliances.



  • working temperature: -55 ° C to + 155 ° C
  • tolerance: 5%
  • operating voltage: 350V max.
  • Resistance / Capacitance (ohms): 2.7 ohm
  • Rated power: 0.25 watt
  • Metallic film



  • Stable performance, extended resistance small size, high operating temperature and high ultimate voltage.
  • Highly adaptive pulse charging, good high frequency performance.


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