SLYPRO 1.75mm PETG Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Filament

Carbon fibers  PETG  – 1.75 mm – 1000 g

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Product Description

Advantages of Carbon Fiber PETG:

  • Superior chemical resistance to ABS.
  • Amorphous: weak and almost isotropic shrinkage.
  • Low moisture absorption: 3 times lower than ABS.
  • Very low odor emitted when printing.
  • Wide extrusion range: 230 – 270 ° C.

Recommended print settings:

  • Extruder: ideally 230 to 260 ° C.
  • Heating plate: 70 to 90 ° C.
  • Nozzle: Minimum extrusion diameter 0.40 mm.
  • Layer height: Ideally 60% of the nozzle diameter.
  • We do not recommend printing layers smaller than 0.2mm with CF grades.
  • The carbon fiber enriched filament is more abrasive than uncharged materials.
  • Prolonged use will increase wear and tear on your nozzle.


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