OSD Telemetry Sensor: PRM-03

RadioLink – Original PRM-03 PRM-01 PRM-02 OSD Telemetry Module, Mini Power Date Feedback Module for AT9 AT9S AT10 AT10II Transmitter

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Product Description


  •  Size: 27 * 13mm
  •  Weight: 6g (including wires)
  •  So far, PRM-03 OSD Information Telemetry Module is compatible with PIX and APM flight controller.
  •  Support RadioLink R9D, R9DS, R10D, R10DII, R10DS and R12DS receivers.
  •  PRM-03 can telemetry Speed, Climb, Throttle, Voltage, Longitude, Latitude, Altitude, GPS, RSSI, Flight Mode, YAW, ROLL, PITC, Distance.
  •  PRM-03 is compatible with 1 battery with 12 batteries (3.7 ~ 50.4V).


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