Multifunction Expansion Board DHT11 LM35 Temperature Humidity For Arduino UNO

DHT11 LM35 Temperature Humidity Multifunction Expansion Board for Arduino UNO

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  • The board is designed for beginners in Arduino, with various components available that makes you build more than 10 projects easily.
  • You won’t have to solder or connect anything at all, just plug it in a shield and start coming up with various simple examples rather than dealing with cables, sensors and breadboard. Next to each component you can see the digital on analog pin it is connected to.
  • Also there are couple of digital pins and one analog pin available for other projects.
  • This shield can be fully compatible with the Arduino UNO R3 and it will never short circuit with the Arduino UNO USB interface, so it is very safe.


  • Fully compatible with Arduino UNO R3 interfaces
  • Providing Arduino beginners basic experimental module
  • A board integrates various modules function
  • Without welding and connection, you can download the program directly to complete the experiment
  • Provide all the module code library files, all tested and can be used directly
  • Set aside expansion port, you can complete other modules experiment


  • 2-way button module
  • 2-way LED module
  • Full color LED module
  • IR receiver module
  • Brightness sensor module
  • LM35D temperature sensor module
  • Passive buzzer module
  • Rotary potentiometer module
  • DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor module
  • One I2C interface (A4 SDA, A5 SCL)
  • One TTL serial port
  • Two channel digital ports (D7, D8)
  • One channel analog port (A3)
  • Reset button

Package list:

  • Multifunctional Expansion Board DHT11 LM35 Temperature Humidity for Arduino UNO x 1


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