MST9000 + Automobile Sensor signal simulation tool (# VDI-09-20)

MST9000 + Automobile ECU Repair Tool, Automobile Sensor Signal Simulator, ECU Programming Tool, MST-9000

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Special feature:

1. All experts in car crank signal simulation It should be set to arbitrary waveform output, produce all of today’s engine crankshaft models, camshaft signals (Hall, magnetic signals, optical), waveform data, map Long-term preservation waveform memory, waveform data for free online updates.

2.All experts in car sensor signal simulation Signal, signal (Hall, magnetic, optical signals), ABS wheel signal, oxygen sensor signal, throttle signal, air flow, input pressure sensor (analog, digital) and other signal simulation

3. All experts in car actuator Tachometer, odometer, fan control module, injector, ignition coil, ignition module, frequency and pulse width control solenoid valve, stepper motor drive (four-way, six-way), audio amplifiers car, etc. all car actuator simulation experts: Simulation of actuators for ignition coil, injectors, idle stepper motor, ultrasonic generators, etc. Five-channel front-line strong national editing functions, crank signal Arbitrary five wave analog signal output


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