MICROSCOPE DM-1000 (x1000)

DM1000 optical microscope

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Product Description


  • Particularly ergonomic Leica DM1000 system microscopes The ergonomically designed Leica DM1000 with adjustable functions and easy-to-use controls adapts to each user to improve comfort and convenience when working in front of the microscope.
  • Thanks to its high-quality optical performance, the Leica DM1000 is ideal for all clinical laboratory applications, including cytology, hematology and pathology.
  • Thanks to its advanced features, including fluorescence, it is ideal for complex tasks as well.

Specific physical requirements:

  • Can be configured to suit different specific physical requirements with numerous ergonomic amenities like patented height adjustable focus knobs, variable tilt angle tubes, ergonomic modules and an adjustable length coaxial control lever including the position can be changed for use by right and left handed users.

Adjustable height focus knobs:

  • The symmetrical operation of the stage and the focus controls allow a relaxed posture and thus avoid pain or injuries attributable to repetitive work (RTS) after long days of work.

Objectives meeting your requirements:

  • High-quality objectives are available for every budget, from the HI PLAN series with incredible flatness, contrast and color correction to research objectives that meet the most exacting expectations.


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