LeRabbit Arduino Learning Kit (Luxury Version)

LAFVIN – RFID Starter Kit, Upgraded Version, Learning Suite with CD, Tutorial for Arduino UNO R3

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Product Description

List of elements:
5 pcs Yellow LED
5 pcs Green LED
5 pcs Red LED
1pcs RGB Module
2 pieces Photoresistor
1pcs Rocker Switch
5pcs Button
1pcs 1 digit 7 segments Display
1pcs 4 digits 7 segments Display
1pcs sound sensor module
1pcs LCD1602 module (with pin header)
1pcs Active Alarm
1 pcs Passive Buzzer
1 pcs LM35DZ
1pcs RTC Module
1pcs DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Module
1 pcs Potentiometer (10k)
1pcs Joystick Module
1pcs 5V Relay Module
1pcs R3 Controller Board
1pcs 830 Link-Points Prototyping Board
1 pcs of Servo Motor (SG90)
1 pcs of Stepper Motor
ULN2003 Parts Stepper Motor Driver Board
1pcs Remote
1pcs 65 Jumper Wire
1pcs Water Lever Sensor
1pcs USB Cable
1pcs 9V Battery Connector with CONTINUOUS CURRENT
1pcs RC522 RFID Module
1pcs 8 * 8 Dots Matrix
10pcs Resistor (220R)
10pcs resistor (1K)
10 pieces resistor (10K)
Female-male Dupont wires 10 pieces
1 pieces CD with Totutial


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