LED backlight Test

LED backlight tester:

  • This tester allows you to test your LEDS bars in the blink of an eye, saving you precious time.
  • It automatically adjusts the voltage, which allows you to quickly detect if one or more LEDS are hs.

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Product Description


  • With the help of this tool, you can quickly know the LED LCD backlight problem.
  • High brightness and safety against electric shock.
  • No spark when the test pen is shorted. Intelligent adjustment of output voltage and current against electric shock.
  • A handy tool to check the backlight problem of LED TVs at any size without burning the LED beads and LED panel.
  • Can test light beads and a variety of good and bad light boards and light bars.
  • LED Light and TV Backlight Tester Tool for Laptop Repair All LED Strips.



  • AC current input: 85-265V
  • Alternating current.
  • DC output: 0-300V
  • Size (approx): (length X width X height) 100 X 37 X 58mm
  • Adaptive voltage 0-300 V.
  • When testing, the voltage is automatically adapted, the lamp will not be burnt


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