• Three Channel 4th Order Video Filter Driver
  • LD6143 Three Channel 4th Order Video Filter Driver
  • Supply Voltage  VCCmin= -0.3 V             VCCmax=6V
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Product Description

  • The LD6143 video filter driver is intended to replace passive LC filters and drivers with aintegrated device. Three fourth-order filtersprovide improved image quality compared totypical 2nd or 3rd order passive solutions.
  • The LD6143 may be driven by a DC or an AC-coupledvideo signal.
  • The outputs candrive AC or DC-coupledsingle(150Ω)ordual(75Ω)loads.
  • Three fourth-order 8MHz Standard Definition(SD) video filters
  • Transparent input clamping
  • Dual video load drive(2Vpp, 75Ω)
  • AC or DC-coupled inputs
  • AC or DC-coupled outputs
  • 5V only
  • SOIC-8 package
  • Use for the Cable set top boxes, Satellite set top boxes, DVD players,HDTV,Personal video recorders(PVR)or Video on demand(VOD)
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