L9110 fan module fire extinguishing robot

L9110 sensor module, fan module, fire extinguishing robot, 1 chip, machine development board

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Product Description

  1. Functional characteristics:
  • Product Size: 26*50*15mm (Excluding propeller)
  • The propeller diameter: 75mm
  • Working voltage: 5v
  • L9110 Driver, able to control ZhuanPei positive and negative mounting holes, high quality screws compatible steering gear steering wheel control, high efficiency.
  • Can easily blow 20cm out of a cigarette lighter, the flame can be used for firefighting robots, robot for design and development
  1. Module test function
  • Hardware requirements
  • Dard Controller… 1
  • USB Cable… 1
  • 9110 Fan Module per 1

Module and Dard Connection Plate :

  • The SCR module Pick up 5 v , GND Pick up GND , INA Pick up digital interface 9 , INB Pick up digital interface 8 , as shown in the figure below:


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