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  • In any computer technology, it is mandatory to have a motherboard that hosts a variety of microcircuits that perform a wide range of tasks.
  • Modern microcircuits bear little resemblance to analogues from the distant Soviet past – they are miniature, productive and reliable.
  • There are many microcircuits on the motherboard, the main among which are considered to be:
  • Processor – the central part of any computer that processes data entered or downloaded by the user.
  • Video chip – a video card designed to perform simple graphics tasks (working with photo-video files or playing modern games will not work).
  • Northbridge – a microcircuit that is responsible for the operation of RAM, CPU, video adapter, system bus frequency.
  • Southbridge – a microcircuit that ensures stable operation of interfaces and their interaction with the northbridge.
  • Audiochip – a sound card implemented using a single microcircuit.
  • Controllers – hardware systems that ensure the stable operation of all computer devices.
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