Connector PC4-M6 for 3D Printer

PC4-M6 Pneumatic Straight Fitting Connector for Od 4mm PTFE Tube 3D Printer Part Reprap J-Head Hotend:

  • Name: 3D Printer Pneumatic Fittings PC4-M6 Bore 3mm.
  • Model Number:PC4-M6.
  • Name:Remote Hot Head OD 4mm PTFE Tube Connector.
  • Outer diameter:3mm.
  • Color:As same as pictures.
  • Thread diameter:M6.
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Product Description


  • The PC4-M6 Pneumatic Push in Bowden Extruder for 3mm J-Head fitting is a small part that connects the PTFE tubing to 1.75mm Filament  extruder assemblies on 3D Printers. It is compatible with the standard up to 3mm ID PTFE Tubing, with a thread that universally fits M6 extruder fittings.
  • This PC4 M6 Bowden Connector is used in 3D printers with 1.75mm Bowden-style extruder assemblies, to provide a cool, safe and neat path for the filament to travel. This ensures that it reaches the hotend assembly without any problems, which translates to better quality prints and greater consistency.
  • The connector utilises a John Guest fitting, which tightens with tension, to ensure that it maintains a firm grip on the tubing. It’s easy to see why this connector is such a popular choice for Bowden-style extruders, as their compatibility and high corrosion resistance make it a valuable investment for 3D Printing.


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