CK360 Signal source detector (Key tester) (#VDI-09-21)

360 Signal Source 360S with CK360 Easy Check Remote Key Tester Full Set

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Product Description



  • Chip ID
  • Frequency detection
  • Button battery detection
  • Intelligent data detection (keyless entry, keyless start failure detection)


Work with 360S:

  • 5. Line search (quickly determine the direction of the line, quickly detect the precise location of the line breakpoint)
  • 6. Line continuity test (check whether the line signal transmission is normal)

Highlights of 360S +CK360 remote key tester easy to check:

  • Based on the original key detection/intelligent detection/remote detection function, a line detection function has been added.
  • Super cost effective and powerful functions!
  • Excellent Automotive Line Breakpoint Detection and Line Performance Detection Equipment!
  • Excellent car keyless entry, keyless start data detection equipment!


  • Line detection / key detection / smart detection / remote detection

The package includes:

  • 1pc x CK360 Easy Check Remote Key Tester
  • 1pc x 360 Signal Source Device


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