Brushless motor 2204 MOTOR/4PCS 2300KV

2204 2300KV /4 PCS burshless motor:

  • The brushless motor is an electric motor which operates on direct current and which has a rotor equipped with one or more permanent magnets and provided with a rotor position sensor.
  • The latter are small motors, particularly powerful with low energy consumption.
  • Current capacity: 12 A / 60 s.
  • Current without load at 10 V: 0.5 A.
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Package content:

  • 4 x 2300kv 2204 brushless motor.


  • DIY projects.
  • Quadrotor (quadcopter), Hexacoptor, Octacoptor, muliticopter.
  • Arduino projects.
  • Raspberry Pi projects.
  • Electrical/electronic projects.
  • Robotic projects. 
  • Drone.



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