The BQ737, BQ24737 is a high-efficiency:

  • Part Number : BQ737
  • Function : 2-4 Cell Li+ Battery SMBus Charge Controller
  • Package : VQFN20 Type
  • Manufacturers : Texas Instruments
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Product Description

Description :

  • The BQ737, BQ24737 is a high-efficiency, synchronous battery charger, offering low component count for space-constraint, multi-chemistry battery charging applications. SMBus controlled input current, charge current, and charge voltage DACs allow for high regulation accuracies that can be programmed by the system power management micro-controller.


  •  Programmable Adapter Detection and Indicator
  • Integrated Soft Start
  • Integrated Loop Compensation
  • Real Time System Control on ILIM pin to Limit Charge Current


  • Portable Notebook Computers, UMPC, Ultra-Thin Notebook, and Netbook
  • Personal Digital Assistant
  • Handheld Terminal
  • Industrial and Medical Equipment
  • Portable Equipment


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