Binocular Microscope (1/2CTV) + LED


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  • High-quality optical components, which are coated with a special film, have a high-quality optical image
  • In the large field of view to form a flat image and good contrast like the positive, especially in the outer field of view because the quality is more clear and clear Ergonomic structural design, with the best point of long and high use, will not feel fatigue With a variety of accessories, expand the scope of application


  • Input voltage: 12V DC (9V-14V).
  • Color: white + black.
  • Technical specification: 0.7x -4.5x.
  • Photography eyepiece specifications: 0.5x .
  • steering wheel: 60nrm
  • Power supply: 110V~140V or 220V~240V.
  • Size L: L(340mm)*W(200mm)*H(330~450mm).
  • Pixel line number: (H)768*(V)494.



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