AC DC Power Supply Module HLK-PM12 12V 0,25A

Hi-Link – Power Module 220V to 12V, 0.25A, 3W, AC, DC, New Style Original, CE, RoHs

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Product Description

Product Features:

1. Ultra-thin, ultra-small, the smallest volume;

2. Global universal input voltage (90 ~ 265vac)

3. Low power consumption, green environmental protection, no-load loss <0.1W

4. Low ripple, low noise

5.High efficiency short circuit and over current protection and self-recovery

6. High efficiency, high power density

7. Input and output insulation voltage 3000Vac

8.100% aging and full load test

9. High reliability, long life design, continuous working time is over 100,000 hours;

10. Meet UL, CE requirements; Product design to meet EMC and safety test requirements;

11. Using high quality waterproof plastic pot that is environmentally friendly, moisture, vibration, water and dust to meet IP65 standards

12. Economic, economical solutions 13. Works without external circuit


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