38Pin Cable For IVECO (#VDI-04-34)

38pin OBD Ivec Diagnostic Adapter Connector Truck OBDII Cable

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Product Description


  • This 38 pin OBD adapter is a high quality OBDII diagnostic cable for your diagnosis of Iveco vehicles.
  • You will need this adapter if your diagnostic device for Iveco vehicles.
  • This adapter is compatible with Autocom, Lau-nch, Del-phi, Würth, Au-tel OBDII diagnostic equipment.

Characteristics :

Diagnostic lines for each of the following controllers are wired:

  • Motor module.
  • ABS/ABD.
  • Airbag self-timer Immobilizer.
  • Central door lock.
  • Alarm


Canbus lines are also wire

  • d: CAN high.
  • CAN low.

Characteristics :

  • Length: 26cm.
  • Item weight: 160g.

Contents :

  • 1 IVECO-38 pin cable.
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